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What is the minimum order?

Our minimum order for custom printing or embroidery is only 12 pieces. For screenprinted logos with 3 or more ink colors, our minimum order is 36 pieces.

Are there any hidden charges?
No. The prices listed on our websites or price lists under "embroidered" include your embroidered logo in up to 9 thread colors sewn in one position on the garment. If you want logos or text sewn in more than one position like the left chest and a sleeve on a polo or the front and the back of  cap, there is an additional charge for the second logo. The prices listed for "screenprinted" includes your printed 1 color logo in one position. If your logo has more than one color additional charges will apply based on the number of colors and quantity - just email us the art for an exact quote. Printing in multiple positions - front/back/sleeve etc is additional.

 Can I mix sizes and colors?

Yes! You can mix sizes, styles and colors of shirts any way you like as long as they are getting the same logo.

 What is the difference between screenprinting, embroidery and digital printing?

Embroidery reproduces your logo by stitching it with thread. Screenprinting reproduces your logo by printing it with plastisol inks through a mesh screen. Digital printing reproduces your logo by applying a pigment ink image of your logo under high pressure and heat or by digitally printing dyes directly onto the garment.  Digital printing is for white garments only. Screenprinting and embroidery can be done on any color garment.

 Why donít you charge setup charges, art charges or screen charges?
At the Arizona Cap Company we want to make ordering a simple and easy process. There are a lot of costs involved in preparing your logo for embroidery or print. For embroidery your logo must be digitized, a process that converts the logo to a machine readable file and programs an embroidery machine to stitch the logo. For screenprinting, your logo needs to be color separated, outputted to film and chemically burned into a mesh screen. These processes are time consuming and costly. Many of our competitors charge for each of these steps. Sometime they donít tell you about these charges until after you order. We thinks thatís confusing and annoying. Those processes are our concern not yours.  So we just donít have any setup charges. After all, how would feel at the grocery store if they rang up your milk at dollar a gallon and then added on ten cents a gallon to milk the cow, ten cents a gallon to pasteurize it and a forty dollar one time charge for raising the cow? Our no setup charge policy applies to all screenprinted and embroidered apparel. Factory production of durable advertising products like pens, mugs, and other non-apparel items may have factory setup or die charges depending on the the factories method of production.

 Is digital printing the same as the iron-ons you can make at home?
No - there are variety of digital printing methods available today. For most shirts we use a Digital Garment Printer, a large format printing machine that sprays ink directly onto the garments. For caps we use a digital transfer process Ė  that process uses an ink jet printer, a carrier paper and a hat heat press Ė  If needed we can also use a inkjet transfer for shirts but not what you use at home. The materials and equipment we use are not the same. We use  pigmented inks (not water soluble) in a wide format high resolution printer. We apply the logo with a commercial heat press at high temperature and most importantly under high pressure. This results in a significantly better print than you can get at home.

 What are your payment terms?
Custom printed or embroidered orders are pre-paid. We accept checks, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

 Is there sales tax?

Only if you are in Arizona.

 How long does it take?
Production time depends on the type and quantity of items ordered. Most items ship in about a 5-7 business days. If you have a special date or rush event you need items for please let us know and we can usually take care of it for you.

 How do I reorder?

We keep your logo on file for easy future ordering. If you canít remember the color or style you ordered last time just ask us and the answer is seconds away. If you need to make changes to a logo or want to put it on different garments we can handle that for you easily.

 What does Pique mean? What is Jersey Knit?

Pique is a knitting method that creates a fine textured mesh surface. It is the most common knit for polo shirts.  Jersey knit is smooth knit fabric. If you look at and feel a polo shirt and it has textured feel and look to it is probably a Pique Knit. If it is smooth like a t-shirt it is a Jersey Knit. Many fashion polos come in newer variations and knits with different textures and patterns. Ask one of our team to help you choose the perfect shirt.

 Which is better t-shirt or polo 50/50 or 100% cotton? What about 100% polyester?

Depends Ė 100% cotton is more popular in most cases because it is comfortable, cool and available in a greater variety of styles and colors. You may want a 50/50 blend if the shirts you are ordering are going to be heavily soiled. Newer performance fabrics made from 100% polyester  or poly-cotton blend have many advanced features like wrinkle free wear, moisture wicking or stain resistance.

 What does the fabric weight mean? Is heavier better?

The fabric weight (i.e. 6.5 oz cotton) is the average weight of the fabric per yard of cloth. 20 years ago people almost always thought heavier was better, more durable and better quality. Today that is far from the consensus. Different fabric weights are made to create different thicknesses, hands (how a shirt feels), drapes, and wear. We sell a 12 oz sweatshirt but hardly anyone ever buys it. The thing is practically bulletproof. If you want to play soccer or work around the yard you would much prefer a midweight 7.5 oz sweatshirt.  If you are ice fishing, you want the 12 oz. Heavy t-shirts (6 oz) used to be the overwhelming majority but in recent years many younger buyers have trended toward lighter weight, thinner t-shirts or performance fabric t-shirts.

 I want a shirt/hat thatís not in your catalog on your website. Can you get it?

Most likely yes. We have access to hundreds of brands of shirts and caps.

 Your catalog just shows apparel. Do you sell pens, magnets, banners or other advertising products?

Absolutely. We work with top factory direct sources to provide our clients with a full variety of durable advertising products. Pens, magnets, drinkware, banners, business cards, postcards, & more are available with your logo. We will prepare your art or create it to make the perfect marketing piece, gift, or promotion.




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