About Arizona Cap Company

Stacy O. StineArizona Cap Company is an online apparel decoration company located in the central highlands of northern Arizona. We provide custom screen printing, embroidery, direct-to-garment printing, and heat-transfer services to help you and your group stand out from the rest. Arizona Cap serves over 10,000 clients worldwide from the Fortune 100 to your favorite neighborhood Mom & Pop business. 

Our founder, Stacy Stine, when starting the company in 1999, swore we would only ever make caps. That bad idea lasted about two weeks until we got tired of telling people, “no we don't make t-shirts" and decided to offer a full line of apparel. Today, our t-shirt sales far outpace our caps (but we kept the catchy name!). It's easy to see why t-shirts are a bestseller. For over 30 years t-shirts' have been America's #1 promotional product. That's a trend that won't be changing anytime soon. With our prices, it's hard not to get more bang for your advertising buck. Industry studies have shown that advertising dollars spent on t-shirts are 4x more effective than television advertising, 6x more effective than newspaper ads, and 12x more effective than radio. Not only do we sell t-shirts now, but we sell over 100 styles of t-shirts, including performance T-shirts for your active lifestyle and cool comfort.

Whether you need a top-quality polo shirt to elevate your company's image or a Dad hat to sport in your favorite hobby, we have what you need.

Life really is that simple. 

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